Profit on Aquaculture series has launched the international conferences in 2013 with invited speakers from Israel, Vietnam, and Taiwan. In 2014 the speaker list got expanded with experts from Germany, Italy, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The highlight of Profit on Aquaculture 2015 was the collaboration with Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand, which is one of the most prominent aquaculture education and research centres in the Asia-Pacific region. The Foundation already has on-going research collaboration with AIT on a genetic improvement project of Tilapia. This collaboration is now being extended to a capacity building initiative to empower the vulnerable sections of aquafarmers in India. This was an important milestone in the Ananda Group’s technological strength for future, particularly in view of the Group’s plans to promote and streamline the professional fisheries and aquaculture education system in Andhra Pradesh. The topics covered in these meetings included shrimp health management, development of SPF broodstock of shrimp, and Aquaponics technology. An eminent panel of international speakers from Thailand, Vietnam and Italy addressed the farmers, in tune with the theme of the Seminar: the best management practices for sustainable increase in production and profits from aquaculture.

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