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As is well known, Andhra Pradesh is the pioneer State for fish production and consumption in India. The State has a rich resource-base of water bodies, both inland freshwater (8.11 lakh ha of inland water bodies); and coastal marine/brackish waters that sustain a sizeable fishery forming the basis of livelihood of 1.63 lakh fishermen families involving 6.1 lakh fishermen (~15% of the total Indian fisher folks). There are 353 fish landing centres spread over 555 fishing villages, along the coastline extending to 974 km. The continental shelf area of 33,000 Sq.Kms caters to a well-established capture fishery along our coast.

In 2014, Andhra Pradesh ranked First in total fish production in India with 20.18 lakh tons. The State is the biggest producer of carps, Pangasius, and shrimp in India; second in quantity and value of freshwater fish production; and fourth in marine fish production. Fisheries sub sector occupies a prime position in socio-economic development of Andhra Pradesh. The growth of Fisheries subsector in 2014-15 was 17.3%, which was faster than that of crop and livestock sectors. About 1.4 million people are employed directly and indirectly in the State. Fisheries sector contributed over 6.03% of the State’s GSDP at constant prices in 2014.

About Bhimavaram, West Godavari (WG) District

Bhimavaram is a city in the West Godavari (WG) District of Andhra Pradesh Connected to Road and Railway . The WG District is a hub of all aquaculture activities in Andhra Pradesh. The region contributes as much as 60% of the fish production from the State. The consisting aqua products in the region are fish and shrimp. While most of the shrimp produced by aquaculture are for export, the inland fish production from the District consisting mainly of carps is mainly destined for domestic marketing. About 50% of the fish produced is transported to fish markets in northern and north-eastern States of India where good and consistent demand for the freshwater carps exist. The Pangasius (Basa) produced in West Godavari mainly goes to markets in Delhi and U.P states of India. West Godavari District has been the single major supplier of fish to these markets for the past several years.

Fish and shrimp farming continue throughout the year in this region. The culture of giant freshwater prawn (Scampi) which was once flourishing in this District has gone down substantially, mainly due to pond management issues and the recent introduction of the white shrimp L.vannamei. Shrimp supplied in the District comprises of sea-caught varieties consisting of penaeid and non-penaeid species, as well as farmed black shrimp and Vannamei shrimp produced in the region. Major quantities of the shrimp produced in the State are subjected to block freezing for export, but the share of value added products is increasing.

Profit-on-Aquaculture series of meetings is remarkable, are organised by UAR Foundation(Ananda Group) who are the pioneers in the fisheries and aquaculture sector in India, and with a deep understanding of the technical and professional challenges facing the sector. PROFIT ON AQUACULTURE 2017 is jointly organised by UAR Foundation and Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. It is for the first time that an aquaculture technical meeting is organised by State’s own enterprise with a long-term vision and strong focus.


Bhimavaram town has fairly good number of hotel rooms that could be booked online or through the organizers. Cheaper accommodation for students could be arranged in the hotels and dormitories within 5 – 6 Kms of the venue.

Standard 3-star hotel rooms cost INR 1000 – 2500 (15 – 40 US$) per night. PROFIT ON AQUACULTURE 2017 organizers will provide special rates for rooms on request. You can find hotels where PROFIT ON AQUACULTURE 2017 have special rates for delegates.